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My brain feels like a sponge today. I'm in one of those "I wanna learn about everything" moods. I love browsing through seems to satisfy the craving. Learning about new things is always refreshing (and sometimes very addictive). Jung has me fascinated lately, so I started looking at a few of his articles...LOTS of stuff that I can also use for my Religion in Psychology class too. Then stumbled upon Gestalt therapy. A friend of mine once told me that my view of therapy is very much Gestalt because I'm tend to be blunt and direct....kind of a "get off your ass and do something!" attitude. So, I came across these words of wisdom...

Moral Injunctions of Gestalt Therapy
1. Live now, stay in the present.
2. Live here, be with the present.
3. Stop imagining, experience reality.
4. Stop unnecessary thinking.
5. Express, rather than manipulating, explaining, justifying, or judging.
6. Give in to unpleasantness, do not restrict your awareness.
7. Accept no "should" or "ought", other than your own.
8. Take full responsibility for your own actions, feelings and thoughts.
9. Surrender to being who you are right now.

My Wall of Wisdom is the spot where my computer desk is located. I have lots of quotes and inspirational things that I like to look at when I'm doing my coursework. Unfortunately, they're still in a box from when I moved. I think it's about time I decorate that wall, because these are going on there. :)
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