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Your brain wants friends

A discussion on why we anthropomorophisize things. (Sheef?)

A discussion on how anthropomorphizaition may be a way in which we cope with loneliness. (This is why your plushie has a name. :P)

Anthropomorphizaition of cars and human facial recognition. (There are people out there with car characters like from the Pixar movie "Cars." o.0!)

Loneliness can be contagious, and should be rectified quickly to prevent snow-balling effect of social disconnection and a self-perpetuation cycle.

I think that these give some insight into how individuals may develop an interest in furry and related interests. What's interesting though is that I don't particularly see a negative correlation between increased social interaction and Anthropomorphizaition in furry, which is what I would think the study would suggest to happen. *shrugs* Perhaps the coping mechanism transforms into a kind of reverence for the source of the social interaction, or perhaps furries take the entire process further and simply connect better with anthropomorphic subjects. I know that I can empathize better on average with anthro stories. What do you think?
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