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I've never been given reason to believe that dreams mean anything in-and-of-themselves. I've seen some fears and desires work themselves in there, but I haven't seen anything in there that wasn't also more or less in my conscious mind as well. Certainly no grand revelations in my nightly adventures.

That being said, I'm curious as to whether or not some of the more unique aspects of dreams reveal anything about the way your brain works. The instance in particular that has me wondering is a phenomenon where you understand that someone or something in your dream is actually someone or something else. This mostly commonly manifest itself with people for me, and not object. Objects are usually variations on places or things I've seen before, so even though they are different, I know what they're derived from. However, sometimes with people I can tell that they are visually not a given person, but I will never-the-less know that they are that person. I suppose it could just be my brain pairing the wrong person "picture" with their data, but I wonder then why this kind of thing isn't prevalent in the rest of my dream.

Do you experience this as well?
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